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Getting Champix (Varenicline) in Oxfordshire

April 23, 2018 . by Solutions4Marketing

Due to the new service changes that took place on 1st April 2018, the way Oxfordshire residents obtain Champix (Varenicline) has changed.

Whereas before, if a resident wanted Champix in Oxfordshire, they would go via their GP (General Practitioner), since 1st April 2018, their eligibility can be assessed by a community stop smoking advisor.

The resident’s eligibility can either be assessed at their nearest community clinic (find yours here – link to clinic page) or over the phone (call us today on: 01865 238 036, 0800 246 1072).

If residents are deemed eligible, they will sign up to the 12-week program and receive behavioural support from the community stop smoking advisor, whilst obtaining the Champix, in 2-week supply packs for the duration of the program, from their nearest PGD-accredited Pharmacy, listed below:
• Chipping Norton Pharmacy, OX7 5FA Rosa Garcia, Guiseppe Scigliano
• Barton Pharmacy, OX3 9LU Bharat Badian, Jankee Keshani
• Tesco In Store Pharmacy, OX11 9BZ Diane Wood, Ziad A Laklouk
• Bloxham Pharmacy, OX15 4LU Raza Hassani
• Parade Pharmacy, OX5 1DB Esha Gupta
• Lloyds Pharmacy, OX10 0AD Hansil Ryu

If you are interested in using Champix as a stop smoking aid, contact Smokefreelife Oxfordshire today on: (Call – 01865 238 036, 0800 246 1072 or Text – QUIT to 6677)

* N.B. Only one 12-week course of Champix (Varenicline) can be provided to patients in Oxfordshire. This applies even if a patient didn’t complete a full course of treatment, with eligibility restarting one year following the last oral consumption of Champix.

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