Service Feedback

“Excellent service! With the stop smoking service I found it really easy to quit!” Stop Smoking Client, August 2015

“Brilliant, friendly encouraging staff. Will recommend to anyone” Stop Smoking Client, September 2015

“Absolutely brilliant, support all the way. Text messages every week, helpful staff to keep you going. Thank you!” Stop Smoking Client, October 2015

“Very happy I have quit! Thank you!” Stop Smoking Client, November 2015


Training Feedback

“Excellent presentation and speaker! A very relaxed attitude. I learned a lot more than expected!" Level 1 and 2 Smoking Cessation Training, May 2017

“Just brilliant! Much more information and skills given and gained than I was expecting” Level 1 and 2 Training, May 2017

“Incredibly helpful trainer and the training was even greater than I expected! I feel like i can confidently have a consultation to help support patients.” Level 1 and 2 Training, April 2017

“A very thorough and comprehensive training that has greatly increased my confidence in providing smoking cessation!” Update Training, April 2017

“Increased knowledge and updated my past information. I am more confident in my understanding and with the tools to support conversations with smokers” Brief Intervention Training, October 2016

“All really useful, hands on and productive! I was already confident in discussing smoking, but now I am better prepared to discuss nicotine replacement therapy. It is really up to me to chase up those quitters [on the telephone]. The course was also very interactive.” Update Training, September 2016

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