Dr Naseem Mushtaq, Health Improvement Manager SmokeFreeLife Oxfordshire

Naseem is the health improvement service manager for SmokeFreeLife Oxfordshire. Naseem is responsible for the overall running of the smoking cessation service in Oxfordshire which includes managing all the outreach clinics within the service as well as communicating, optimising and maintaining communications amongst smoking cessation service providers across the county. Her scientific background experience in air pollution research (cigarettes and diesel exhaust particles) within the field of paediatric respiratory medicine (COPD, CF and Asthma) has led her to use her education and experience to help drive her desire to help people quit smoking and to enhance and improve the wellbeing of the general population in Oxfordshire.

Negar Avaregan, Project Support Officer/GP & Pharmacy Coordinator (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Negar Avaregan is a qualified public health professional and health educator. She is the GP and Pharmacy Coordinator for Smokefreelife Oxfordshire. In this role, Negar is primarily responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with the GPs and Pharmacists across Oxfordshire, with the overall aim to assist them in optimizing their smoking cessation service delivery. In addition to her years of experience as a public health professional, Negar is extremely passionate about assisting communities in need to enhance their wellbeing through sustainable and innovative health care.

Jeremy Player, Project Coordinator

Jeremy holds a BSc in Sports Science, an MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition and clinical research experience. As the Project Coordinator for Smokefreelife Oxfordshire, Jeremy assists with the operational side of Smokefreelife Oxfordshire including; events management, data analysis and information requests, support for EMIS and PharmOutcomes, social media, staff training, stop smoking resources and carbon monoxide monitor queries. Jeremy is also responsible for the stock management of Nicotine Replacement Therapy across the country. Ultimately, Jeremy is passionate about helping people take responsibility of their health.

Erika Vilkauskiene, Smoking Cessation Advisor

Erika Vilkauskiene is a stop smoking advisor for Smokefreelife Oxfordshire. Her main role is toprovie high quality stop smoking behavioural support and pharmacological advice (NCSCT) to individuals who wish to stop smoking. She runs stop smoking clinics throughout the Oxfordshire community enjoys working one-on-one with people to help improve their lives.

Zafar Hussain, Smoking Cessation Advisor & Mobile Clinic Driver

Zafar’s main role is to monitor outcome of treatment programme set for individual clients for effectiveness across the Oxfordshire area. Zafar is a qualified smoking cessation (NCSCT) and also speak urdu/punjabi to work with the Asian community.

Kate Hutton, Smoking Cessation Advisor

Kate is a trained Smoking Cessation Advisor, and has worked in many different capacities; she has worked in childcare gaining experience in supporting the care and needs of children to facilitate their learning and development, has a media degree and run her own business within the hospitality and catering sector. Kate worked for Solutions4Health previously and re-joined the company in April 2015 after running a restaurant. Kate is now responsible for setting up and running clinics at the John Radcliffe Hospital to provide Smoking Cessation Support to staff, patients and visitors at OUH.

Cihan Kayikci – Stop Smoking Advisor

With a first degree in Psychology, Cihan has also studied Psychology & Health and Public Health at a postgraduate level, so she’s a great addition to the team of stop smoking advisors. She is particularly interested in behaviour change and smoking in pregnancy. Currently she is working as lead advisor on pregnancy, linking in with local ante-natal services in Oxfordshire to support pregnant women to quit smoking. She enjoys travelling and exploring other cultures.

Andzelika Balsyte – Stop Smoking Advisor

Andzelika Balsyte is a smoking cessation advisor for Smokefreelife Oxfordshire. She is qualified in Management and Business Administration & has professional experience working as a chemist. Her previous work experience allows her to confidently provide support to individuals who wish to stop smoking. As a previous smoker, Andzelika can relate to individuals and better help them through their journey to quit. She is a polite and approachable person and is passionate in helping others to improve their health.

Ioanna Prokou, Lead Smoking Cessation Advisor

Ioanna has a degree in Health Visiting from the University of Athens and an MSc in Public Health from Oxford Brookes University. Ioanna is a Smoking Cessation Adviser, the Lead Adviser in Oxfordshire and a Workplace Specialist, setting up and running new clinics in these settings. She enjoys counselling individuals to give up smoking within Oxfordshire, motivated by improving their well being and quality of life. Ioanna also assists in the management of the other smoking cessation advisers throughout Oxfordshire.

Carla Phillips, Smoking Cessation Adviser

Carla Phillips has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York, an MPhil in Peace and Conflict Studies from Trinity College Dublin, and a Master's in Public Health from the University of Edinburgh. Her educational background and experiences have fueled her desire to work with clients addicted to substances. As a Smoking Cessation Advisor, she is dedicated and motivated to help her clients stop smoking. She is currently the lead for school health events in the Oxfordshire area, and is mainly interested in health promotion and increasing the awareness of the hazards associated with smoking.

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